Numero Berlin rot 5

The new issue of Numéro Berlin is all about red – the color of love, stop signs, red light, nail polish and lipstick, roses or blood. We talk to Sopia Lillis, Batsheva Hay, Sarah Wagenknecht and Jutta Koether to find out what makes red so irresistible. Plus: the sense and non-sense of acne activism, Is She Hungry on her look and working with Björk, model Bianca O’Brien on life as a redhead, erotic short stories from Tales of Lara and the dubious joy of 500 menstruations. Photographer Aviya Wyse explores red via the Old Testament and Lilia Li-Mi-Yan & Katherina Sadovsky use their portfolio to demonstrate what true beauty is to them. With loads of fashion from: Driu & Tiago, Birthe Piontek, Maurits Sillem, Richard Kern, Thomas Hauser, Greta Ilieva, Anne Schönharting, Isabell Wenzel, Robbie Augspurger and Albert Watson.