Li-mi-yan Lilia

Born in the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Since1991 she has been living and working in Moscow.

The First education – choreography, ballet.

Entered the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in 2010,

Field: Documentary Photography

Corporeity is in the center of the author’s creative process.


The author shows the human being “corporeity” from different perspectives; she experiments with image forms and textures without using graphic editors. In this topic, few series were created, different from each other, every series has a gender melody inside.

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan 


Born in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Since 1991 living and working in Moscow.

First education – choreography, ballet.

Graduated from the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in 2014, course of Documentary Photography

Corporeity is in the center of the author’s creative process.

Her works were published by Dazed magazine, Vice, Numero Berlin, Der Greif, Sculptorvox and others.

Nominee of Moscow Art Prize, 2020, Finalist of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2018, Finalist of Kandinsky Prize 2014 in the category “Project of the Year”.


Solo exhibitions (duo Li-Mi-Yan & Sadovsky)
2022 “The Observer effect” , Art Center Kanaz, Yerevan, Armenia

2021 “Myths of the Anthropocene”, Futuro Gallery, Nizhny Novgorod

2019 “Rethinking”, Who I Am gallery, Moscow

2017 “Marmor”, marble quarry at Lake Baikal, Siberia

2017 “Plastic X-ray”, Olkhon Island, Siberia

2017 “Cesspit”, Olkhon Island, Siberia

2017 Photobookfest, The Lumiere Brothers gallery, Moscow

2017 “Someone wants to devour me”, Akopyan gallery, Moscow

2017 “Screaming machine”, Akopyan gallery, Moscow


Group exhibitions
2022 #Post RE:SET@New Future, ON SCREEN Digital</Video Art International Streaming Festival
2022 “Clash2022”, Lacuna Festivals, Lanzarote, the Canary Islands
2022  “Woman&Woman” The 21st Pärnu Art Summer, Pärnu City Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia

2022 “Ideal Communities", Khodynka Gallery, Moscow

2022 “Futuretro” 18th Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens, Greece

2022 “ ESC — WAVE #2031”, VVOVVA

2022 “Transformation”, Group Global 3000, Berlin, Germany

2022 QRC.PRJCT film festival, Athens, Greece

2021 18th 404 International Festival of Art & Technology / Humachinity 2021, Argentina

2021 Cosmoscow Art Fair, Manezh, Moscow

2021 “Exh 06” Floorr Online Exhibition, UK

2020 – 2021 “RePlastic”, Electromuseum, Moscow – Fligel Center, Vladmir, Russia

2020 “Оpen Space” curatorial project at Armenia Art Fair, Yerevan, Armenia

2020 May Fair Art Weekend Showreel, London, UK

2020 Exhibition of nominees for the 1st Moscow Art Prize, Zaryadye, Moscow

2020 “Flowers for Doctors”, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2019 “Pro & Contra”, Ground Khodynka gallery, Moscow; ARTPLAY SPb, St. Petersburg

2019 “Temporary Phenomenon”, 32 days gallery, Irkutsk

2019 “A drill”, “Winzavod.Open” program by Rodchenko Art School and Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

2019 Pärnu XVIII-th Art Summer “woman&woman”, Pärnu, Estonia

2019 “Earth Mother: a sustainable art collective”, Envision Arts gallery, New York, USA

2019 “Future was yesterday”, Pärnu Fotofest, Estonia

2019 “Where is my plastic bag?”, XI International Biennale Fashion and Style in Photography, Manege central exhibition hall, Moscow

2018 “The Billboard Creative”, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Exhibition of Winners & Finalists of the 10th Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, Publika's White Box exhibition space, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 Riga Photomonth, 2018, Latvia

2017 Photobookfest, The Lumiere Brothers gallery, Moscow

2017 “Screaming machine” Photobook Phenomen, Barcelona, Spain

2016 "Merry Carousel. Digest N1" curated by A. Bartenev, ZDES na Taganke gallery, Moscow

2016 “About ShR. 10 Years of the Rodchenko School” additional program of the 5th Youth Biennale of Contemporary Art, MAMM, Moscow

2015 IX Moscow International Fashion and Style in Photography Biennale

2015 “Generation Next”, 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2015 “What to say when there is nothing to say” Udarnik, Moscow

2015 «Touching art», MMOM, Moscow

2014 VIII exhibition of the Kandinsky Prize nominees, Udarnik, Moscow

2014 «Lock out», Kiev, Ukraine

2014 Vienna photo book festival, Vienna, Austria
2013 “Why do we go to see exhibitions”, MAMM, Moscow

2013 “Video was deleted for nudity rules infringement or sexual scenes”, Loft Project Etagi, Saint-Petersburg

2013 “24 RU/NL. Sixty Seconds of Freedom to Reveal the Artist's Intent” Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow

2013 STUDENT Art Prom, Artplay, Moscow



2020 Nominee of 1st Moscow Art Prize, “Art and Architecture” category

2018 Finalist of the 10th Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards for portrait photography, single image category 

2014 Finalist of Kandinsky Prize in the category “Project of the Year”.


“Post Marble”, circulation of 100 pcs., 2018

“Nausea” by Photobook Phenomen, Barcelona CCCB, 2017 



2019 - Der Greif Issue 12, Germany

2018 – Numero Berlin #5 “Rot”, 2018:

2018 – Sculptorvox, «The Dark Forest of Consciousness», London, UK:

2018 – Colta, «After marble», Moscow:

2016 – Dazed magazine, «Using the body as a tool against censorship», London

2016 – FK Mafazine “Masters and Servants”,

2015 – Broadly Vice, “Filthy Rich: Photos of Russia's Wealthy Elite and Their Hired Help”:

For the author the sexuality is an essential part of thinking and corporeal existence of a human being. Her works argue with the imposed social doctrine, “the beauty of perfect bodies”, and offer to feel corporeity of sexuality not only from the side of external observer, but also through the perspective of art-object feelings.


Affective side of corporeity sensibility appears in some works as heightened interest to its pathological aspects and mobilize us to legitimize art-expressions.

The author supposes that the human body, which inspires the worlds by means of corporeity of sexuality, is the source of any sense, the outside world is being gifted.



Biennale "Fashion and style in photography 2019"project "Where is my plastic bag"

PÄRNU FOTOFEST 2020 “Famale prison”

PÄRNU FOTOFEST 2019 " Masters and servants"

The Billboard Creative 2018
Kuala lumpur international photoawards 2018
Riga Photomonth 2018
«Marmor» Baikal, Buguldeyka, Marble quarry 2017
«Plastic x-ray» Baikal, Olkhon forest 2017
«Someone wants to devour me…» Akopyan gallery 2017
«Screaming machine» photobook Phenomen in Barcelona 2017
Book «Nausea» photobook Phenomen in Barcelona CCCB 2017
«Someone wants to devour me…» Exhibition «Merry Go Round. Digest №1» 2016
Exhibition 10 years Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia 2016 MAMM
«Touching art» MOMMA 2015
«Fashion and style in photography 2015» MOMMA Moscow Biennale
«Generation next» 6 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2015
Finalist of Kandinsky Prize 2014 in the category «Project of the Year».
«Lock out» Kiev 2014
«Vienna photo book festival» 2014
«Why we visit exhibitions», Multimedia Art Museum, year 2013.
«Sixty seconds of freedom for artist conception revelation", Garage Center for         Contemporary Culture, year 2013.
«Video was deleted for nudity rules infringement or sexual scenes”, Sankt-Petersburg, Loft Project Etagi, year 2013.
24 ru/nl, year 2014, MAMM
Student Art Prom, year 2013. Artplay.



Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

Private collection

+7(985) 411-32-77